The Secrets of Health, Wealth and Happiness

How to achieve the life you deserve

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Webinar Host Dr Oliver Frey

Over 25 years of studying and practice in a variety of fields in medicine in Germany, England, Estonia and Switzerland give Dr Frey a fair bit of experience. On his way he collected an MD "magna cum"​, membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners (MRCGP), a Diploma in Diabetes Care from Warwick, skills in acupuncture and neural therapy, and even life coaching, homeopathy, Reiki and EFT.

He has two passions - functional medicine and practice management with an ILM diploma in management and leadership (MInstLM).

He enjoys his growing private GP practice with a strong interest in functional medicines - searching and treating causes of his clients' health problems.

Specialties: Broad medical knowledge, strong interest in functional+nutritional medicine, problem-solver, implementer, shaper, management and leadership skills

Find out about the Secrets of Health, Wealth and Happiness. After an introduction of Dr Frey he will discuss the importance of all jigsaw components of a healthy, wealthy and happy life, go through some Mythbusters, reveal the 2 Causes for Success, the importance to eat according to your genes and introduce his program "The Secrets of Health, Wealth and Happiness"

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